EB CARD, trying best to return variety of services and benefits to the customers.

Welcome to our homepage.

We, integrated prepaid card top 3 companies (EB CARD, MYBI CARD CORPORATION and Busan Hanaro Card Co., Ltd)have committed the major businesses which include the establishment and operation of integrated transport card system, e-currency (including transport card) orienting our motto ‘KOREA NO.1 PREPAID CARD’.

We have achieved the establishment of Korea's first public transport auto payment system, transport card system, various IT technology and information integration environments, have led the market of prepaid e-payment means with such an operational know-how so far.

Joined to Lotte Group holding Korea's biggest districution channels in 2010, we launched the brand 'cashbee' in which distribution payment, point function is combined as well as domestic public transport.

Especially like the meaning of 'cashbee' which refers to 'the happiness of fast and convenient payment full of benefits delivered by honey bee', we will always present the rich life to customers with our continuous technology development.

We also try our best to be your partner who can create smarter life style and provide various ways to return much more benefits to the customers.

Thank you.

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